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For 11 years...

For 11 years, I have raised Chrissy when I got her from Chinatown in NYC when I ws in 7th grade along with Spike. She was no bigger than a half dollar coin. During those years, I felt like she was my kid and I was her parent as most would feel when raising anything from a baby. Chrissy will never get to feel like feeling. As of Saturday, 4pm, Chrissy Lasky was put to sleep to end her suffering. She became egg-bound and the eggs broke inside of her and caused bacteria to attack her insides. She is in a better place now, and is taken under the arms of my loved-ones who have passed away in the past years...

I will forever miss her and she will be forever in my heart. 
May we one day meet again my baby-girl!
I will alway love you Chrissy...

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