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Blank and Still

I have no idea what to do anymore. Everthing I do and try to do falls apart. I can't figure it out. I feel as I am drowning and am only a few feet away from shore. I think I'm getting ready to flip out on someone. The more I workout, the more short fused I'm getting. I keep hearing from jess how mark is upsetting her and hearing my mom cry to me about people who use to be her friend, used my mom to get her friends and start rumors about her in negative ways. I'm seriously going to end up curling my tongue if I ever hear someone say anything negative in public around me and probably get arrested too... oh well. I'm tired of people in general. everybody that i've ever met, has never been 'pure' so to say. whether they done me wrong, hurt me, took something of mine, pissed me off to no end, ect. and whatever the case or being was. i can't hold it in and cannot rightfully be held 100% responsible for any actions that might occur when i do curl my tongue at someone.
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