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Last night was nice. Roxanne stayed at my house and we had a nice sleep. I'm able to sleep better and in peace when she's around. I wish she would stay over more often. Plus it is easier for me in the morning. she's already with me and i don't have to go and pick her up in the morning traffic. it saves me gas and time. i put her in a bad mood earlier, so my goal for today is to make her happy. i need to find a job. i don't want to work for in retail again. i hate that shit, unless it is at an auto parts store. then i'd actually want to go to work. but i'd like to work at a garage, learn some more shit about cars. that way i can keep up good mainenance on my new camaro. It sounds a million times better than my sister's 2002 ws6 trans am and is a lot faster too. I'm going to put new carpeting down in it b/c Roxanne doesn't like the smell. I wanted to change the color anyways, but this gives me a better reason to now. So it'll go from red to black. I've go to get an extra spare wheel at the junk yard for a spare tire, but i have to see if i'm buying new wheels or not. but whatever.
I love you Roxanne!
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