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Yesterday I was lucky to have enough money to get Manson's new cd. I always get his cds the day it comes out, if not before the release date. It's a tradition that I've done since Portrait Of An American Family. I didn't get to listen to the entire album yet, but I like what I hear so far. I have never heard a Manson song that I didn't like, unless it was a bootleg that sounded like shit because of it being static and all. But all 'n' all, I will not give Tim Skold a chance. He isn't Twiggy and means shit to me. Brian and Jeordie made Marilyn Manson. It isn't Marilyn Manson without Jordie. He will never be able to be replaced by anyone in this world. If Skold ever says he's a perfect or good replacement for Jeordie, then someone needs to beat the living shit out of that guy. I don't think he belongs in Marilyn Manson. Fuck you tim skold. Your name doesn't even deserve to be capitalized!!! Jordie's leaving will leave a big gap, a hard position to fill since him and Brian made the music together. But times have changed and so has people. We have to respect people's wishes. Good luck Jeordie in whatever it is that you decide to do with the rest of your life. I support you 100 and 10%!!! I just hope that my other band (dope) doesn't change members again. Roxanne and I will be extremely pissed!!! I love you Roxanne...!!!
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