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Moving south has been a nice little change. I think it has helped Roxanne and I out. We're not around each other all the time and getting on each other's nerves like we use to. I feel that things are starting to go great between us. Living 100 miles away from her is tough so I come see her every Friday to Sunday, but sometimes I still until Monday evening. I love her so much. I am looking for to middle of Feb. very much. I hope it is as great as I'm hoping it to be. But they only way to find out is to wait and see. Lately I've been obsessed with the game Vice City. It's a great fucking game!!! I love shooting the hookers in it until I get a star and have to run away from pigs. It's the best game I've ever bought for PS2 so far. I also bought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game too. I wish it was the same boards as the original games from Nintendo, but in 3D. That would be great game. They should do the same with the G.I. Joe and Batman too. I would buy those games the second they came out. I also got the Celebrity Deathmatch game. I am of course Manson in the game. It's great, but his voice isn't him. Bad imitation!!! I also perchased a Granatelli MAF sensor for my car. I ordered the cold air package because most of my mods for my Camaro have been air induction. I'm plaining on getting the Trans Am hood for my car. My new air lid makes a very noticeable difference in engine temperature, power, and gasmileage. Coming up north today my engine temp was at a steady 175ish and a saved about a gallon of gas the normally. And with my exhaust, you can hear how rich the air/gas ratio is because it doesn't just rumble, it slightly backfires when I rev it. The LS1 engine is the best engine on power and reliability I've ever had in any of my Camaros. I am on my third Camaro, but I still have my second one, I just can't drive it on the street, but I can't wait til spring to take it to Englishtown, but I need to get a trailer first so I can tow there with my Dakota R/T. My family is selling our 1996 z26. Finally, it's about time. I has been a great car to learn to drive with. It was my sister's first until she got her 2002 Trans Am. That was her and my first car. After I have the z26, I had an 89 IROC, then my 85 z28 with the 383 stroker(still have), the 99 Dakota(still have) to now my 2002 z28. Which will be my last Camaro.
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