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Last night

Last night I had tech school. it was fun i suppose. I got to install my new lower control arms from umi performance. I feel the difference in traction with them. they say they'll give me an extra .1 sec on the 1/4 mile. i believe it. I don't even know how much $$$ I've spent in upgrades...
SLP - loud mouth exhuast: $350
SLP - Air Box: $100
SLP - Smooth Bellow $40
K&N Air Filter - $52
Hypertect 160 t-stat - $54
Umi Performance sub-frame connectors - $140
Umi Performance lower control arms - $85
Granatelli MAF - $290
Granatelli Diablo Preditor Tuner - $409
KYB AGX Adjustable Gas Shocks - $496
Brembo drilled rotors (front only) - $210
Plus a several hundred for shipping and installation. But I'll never have to worry about taking my car to a garage again :D
My next to DOs:
better cam, larger ratio rocker arms, headers (full exhaust), and 4.11 gears.
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Duddee charles? its curtis from VF under the name planeswalker haha finally got it to work I have an engine build I want you to look at for me and see if it is good mind if i post it here? or on my journal or something? since I probably wont be able to afford the 383 ci I will more then likely have to build it off a 350 ci since they generally come with the 3rd gen. camaro's so yea.. maybe add a supercharger to make up for the lack of power
Torqbot Parts List

Short Block 2 bolt main 350 cid block
Crank PN 661-861-0125
Pistons PN H345NCP .040
Rings Speed Pro E251k
King Bearings, Main MB 557AM
Rods 807AM
Pioneer Balancer & Flexplate
Federal Mogul gasket set PN 260-100
Approx price $500

Heres part of the list the rest is on my journal.. tell me what you think Im not sure if Ill be able to add a supercharger to it though