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A good weekend.

My sister's b/f Glenn was suppose to have a "surprise" birthday party at his house. Well, Friday night was my sister's friend's b-day and during the week, Glenn's sister decided to have her bachlerette party saturday night. so Glen asked if Friday night could be my sister's and her friend's b-day party together. Something happened and the surprise to my sister was no longer a surprise and Glenn hates all of my sister's friends. So Saturday night I hung out with Chris. We played billards up on 46 in Clifton. I slept over his house. We were going to get drunk, but the place that doesn't card him was closed :( He had a bottle of wine, but that was his "panic stash" So I went to sleep saturday night and woke up Sunday morning. We went to the driving range. I went to turn right and take the back way and go underneath the railroad tracks. I start to turn right and slow down and there is a line of cars from the one lane going under the railraod tracks to rt.23 or pomton newark turnpike. So I slame into reverse and then into first and got out of there quickly and just hoped onto 46. what a task it was just to get there. we get there and I almost killed the guy standing to my left. By 3 feet I missed him. Then Chris tried to kill me. He sliced a ball and it bounced off both sides of the dividers and shot at my crotch. I gues she felt I need a set of 3 balls??? Had some fun though. Not as fun as the time when me and a co-worker on the way back to work from a service call stoped at a driving range lol. And I almost killed him. That was the best time I ever had. We couldn't stop laughing. Anyways... So we went back to Chris's house for a bit. Then at 5ish he went to his cousins and I went and visited Levechi. I took him for a little spin and dropped him of at home. I did a little driving around after that. I got bored. I went to my old street and drove past my old house. I miss the pool from that house a lot!!! I miss the house in general. But, I'm glad that my life has changed for what it did. So after driving around...I thought to myself, "I wonder if the Lesaski's are home." So I drove past and saw lights on inside and stopped in. They were surprised to see me. But Alex is away at college. But his college is about 20 minutes from me in Glassboro. I forget the name. His father describe it as the Montclair State of south jersey. They were trying real hard to get me to eat. But I didn't b/c it's I felt weird and b/c I was suppose to hang out with Cindy later and most likely go to a dinner. As I was leaving, Al's dad came to walk me outside and see my car. He loved it. I took him for a litte spin around the block and attracted a cop. I knew it was a pig b/c it kept turning with me on a u-turn back to their house. I got in the driveway and the pig past their house and started to wait a few houses up. Like I'm that dumb you FUCKING BACON HEAD!!! So I got out and had a cigarette with Mr. Lesaski and the pig face left. Anyways, I left shortly after and headed towards Caldwell and not through N. Caldwell b/c the pig would pull me over b/c he ran out of doughnuts and has nothing better to do!!! I hope this cop will one day read this b/c he sucks my big cock!!! There you go bacon boy!!! Let my shoot some white bacon fat into your mouth piggy. Anyways, so I called Cindy and headed towards her house. We went to play pool and then went to a dinner. I got egg and cheese on a bagel, chocolate milk, and a cup of coffee b/c I had to drive home later. We had a bunch of flashbacks of old times. Talked about Cheryl who was obsessed with me. I found out the Cheryl said to ppl that her and I were going out. EEEEk. I knew this girl was a big time liar, but SHIT!!! Now I hate her even more. Cindy says that Cheryl will never mound to anything. She's going to try to get into contact with a few other friends so I can see them a few times. Then I drove home. THE END
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