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Last night was my night to be with my friends, though there wasn't anyone around really. Around 5 or 6PM I was with Joe Grinnelli, that's right... Mr. NAG himself. I wanted to test the new camaro on a 1/4 mile test. So we had drove around for a half an hour to find a good street. Then it hit me, how about the industrial street behind King's and Sears...DUH. So we went there and measured 1/4 roughly with my odometer. Actually, I just gave it .3 miles instead of the .25 1/4 distance and I ran a 11.2 or .3 and that was very rough b/c it was with a watch with a second hand on it, I had another person in the car...extra 130lbs. and it was longer than a 1/4 mile. So my car can be a 10 second car with a small adjustment of the carb and fixing the gap on the spark plugs. Then I was around Chris, didn't do much but sit around. Everyone thought I was smoking or did allready, but I didn't. I had no intensions on doing so. I thought I would sleep over, but Chris didn't feel like having anyone sleep over unless it was a dire need I drove to Gary's house, but I parked across the street at the park's parking lot. By the time I went back to my car, there were two cop cars waiting around wondering who and why there was a car sitting there. I told them why and I was on my marry way back home, so I went home at 2 something in the morning. It was pretty much a boring night, but I'm still pretty tired.
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