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Tonight I was with Roxanne after work. It seems that whenever I'm with her she's bored or something because she always falls asleep early or gets tired early when I'm around. She doesn't really get tired when she's around anyone else unless it's me. Tonight I thought would be good because I haven't really saw Roaxnne for two nights, but today when she got out of work at 5PM we went to her house, to the mall, and back to her house. Then at 10:30 she started to get sleepy so I left before she had to tell me to leave. So I bore the person I love. I'm not enough lately :(
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Oh God would you stop. I have fun with you, I fucking fell asleep at 3 the night before and had to wake up at 7:45 that morning. Then I worked for 8 hours and I was tired. I appoligize for wanting to sleep. Stop blaming everything on you.